Spinning Reels

Maintenance Tips for Spinning Reels

Possible Cause:  Weak or broken trigger spring.
Solution:  Replace with new trigger spring.

Possible Cause:  Trigger and/or trigger link assembly worn or broken.
Solution:  Replace with new part(s)

Possible Cause:  Trigger assembly E-clip missing or not in retaining groove.
Solution:  Replace or install e-clip in retaining groove.

Possible Cause:  Trigger assembly shaft hole in rotor houseing too loose.
Solution:  Replace rotor housing.

Possible Cause:  Snapshot firing pin broken or missing.

Solution:  Replace trigger link assembly.

Possible Cause:  Bail wire bent or mis-shaped.
Solution:  Replace bail wire assembly.

Possible Cause: Line was spooled on improperly.
Solution: Replace line or play out line (without lure) behind boat or in river current to remove line twist. NOTE: When installing new line, make sure the line from the supply spool is feeding off in the same direction as the rotor is turning.

Possible Cause: Lure spinning on retrieve.
Solution: When trolling, make sure the line is not wrapped around your lure so it’s running true. When using in-line spinners, attach a ball bearing swivel to the line.

Possible Cause: Bail wire is misshapen.
Solution: Replace bail wire assembly.

Possible Cause: Spool is overfilled with line.
Solution: Reduce amount of line to 1/8" below spool lip. Be sure to use the line size that is recommended for your reel.

Possible Cause: Line memory.
Solution: Soak reel spool of line in water prior to use. Also see: Preventing line problems.

Possible Cause: Bail spring is weak.
Solution: Replace with new bail spring. 

Possible Cause: Bail spring is broken.
Solution: Replace with new spring. 

Possible Cause: Bail wire is bent.
Solution: Replace with new bail wire assembly.

Possible Cause: Dirt or debris in bail hinges.
Solution: Remove bail wire assembly, clean thoroughly, and lubricate with Quantum® Hot Sauce™ reel oil.

Possible Cause: Drag disc seized to washers due to debris on disc.
Solution: Loosen drag tension and turn spool until drag discs break free. Remember to always loosen drag completely after fishing.

Possible Cause: Dirt or debris between spool and rotor, or in gear system.
Solution: Clean inside of reel by rinsing thoroughly and lubricate properly.