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Quantum products are built and tested to live up to Two core standards of quality:


We make rock-solid gear, built to be the workhorse of your fishing lineup. Incredibly durable construction that can withstand years of hard use. Powerful enough to handle whatever, and versatile enough to do it wherever.


No matter how rough-and-tumble the adventure, our gear is engineered with high-performance components that maintain its original feel and quality, staying smooth cast after cast.

Rock Solide 5 Year Warranty - Quantum Fishing

The longest reel
warranty in fishing

While other companies offer a 1-year reel warranty at best, we’re so confident in the quality of our products that we’re proud to offer the industry’s longest reel warranty, with a whopping 5-year limited warranty on all reels, rods and combos.

Fishing is a series of tests. Some days it’s your skill. Other times, it’s the elements testing your resolve.

Quantum rods and reels are proven in the lab and in competition. But it’s the real world where the standard is set. Because out there, you need gear that’s hardworking and smooth-performing with every cast, crank and catch — tested to go beyond limits, so you can reach beyond yours.

Lifestyle Pic - Quantum Fishing
Lifestyle Pic - Quantum Fishing
Lifestyle Pic - Quantum Fishing
Lifestyle Pic - Quantum Fishing
Tested Beyond Limits Badge - Quantum Fishing

In the wild, strong is what thrives.

Nature rewards toughness and performance, pushing those qualities to their limits and beyond. That’s why every Quantum rod and reel has been tested to exceed the wear and tear you can expect during years of real world use.

Cast after cast
after cast

To ensure excessive durability across all our reels, we test our trip mechanisms – both thumb buttons and bails – tens of thousands of times. Each reel has been proven to catch the equivalent of 50,000 five-pound bass.


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