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Grigsby Pitches a Top 12 at Fort Madison, Iowa

Grigsby's Rig

Grigsby Pitches a Top 12 at Fort Madison, Iowa

Bassmaster Elite Series on the Mississippi River in Fort Madison, Iowa

June 11 - 14, 2009

Quantum success:
Biffle was 4th and Grigsby was 6th

What Swindle used:
PTC7117FGH rod and a TE100SPT

Grigsby and Biffle both had success with a Quantum flippin stick in their hands. Grigsby offered the following detailed input as to how he achieved success on the brutally tough Mighty Mississippi.

“The biggest thing was that you had to make multiple casts to the same piece of cover. The water was really dirty, and I think you had to use a bait that was small, but full of action and pitch it in there several times to the same place,” said Shaw. Using 25-pound fluorocarbon line, a small 1/4-oz or 3/16-oz. worm weight and a Strike King Rage Craw, the veteran Quantum pro secured his second Top 12 of the 2009 season.