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Swindle Goes "Psycho Winding" for a Top 10 at KY Lake

Swindle's Rig

Swindle Goes “Psycho Winding” for a Top 10 at KY Lake

Bassmaster Elite Series at Kentucky Lake

June 3 –6, 2009

Quantum success:
VanDam finishes 2nd. Swindle finishes 9th.

What Swindle used:
QEC705CB rod and a E750PT

Kentucky Lake provided a venue for bass fishing’s funniest man, Gerald Swindle, to be taken seriously again after a heart-wrenching lack of Top 12s.

Swindle said his success at KY Lake was completely an independent effort. “I got no local help, nobody marked my maps, I just spent 14 hours a day idling around looking for ledges and drops that held fat keepers,” Swindle stated proudly.

Swindle’s success came from ledges that were decorated with a combination of hydrilla and shell beds. Ticking the tops of the hydrilla stalks with his crankbait generated most of his bites. With his Triton boat sitting in 18’ of water, Gerald threw a combination of Lucky Craft RC 2.5 DD and Strike King Series 5 crankbaits on to the top of the ledge, and the bite would occur in 6’ – 10’ feet of water.

“One of the keys to getting them to bite was to wind my E750PT reel super fast – we call it ‘psycho winding’. I mean you are burning that big plug across the bottom – flat wearing yourself out,” said Swindle at the end of four exhausting, but very rewarding days on KY Lake.