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Re-spoolin' Reel Fast with KVD

Kevin VanDamKVD can’t help it.  Moving with fast intensity is just who he is.  If you were to brush your teeth next to him, you can bet your back molars, he would do his best to brush, rinse and finish faster than you.  

Respooling his Performance Tuned™ reels the evening before a day on the water is no different.

VanDam parks as many as eight rods and reels side-by-side, adjusts the ACS™ external braking dial to avoid any possible backlashes during the mass exodus of monofilament, and then begins pulling line from all of the rods and reels at the same time.  “I can strip eight PT reels in three minutes,” says VanDam as if he’s clocked himself.

“I only strip about 70 yards of line off each reel.  Then I tie a double overhand knot between the fresh line and the old line that I leave on the spool.  Obviously it saves time, but it also saves a lot of fluorocarbon line,” said VanDam.  

“I’ve been respooling multiple reels at one time for a long, long time.  Pretty much every pro out here does it this way.  If they don’t they’re wasting their time.”

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