Each month on our Facebook page we invite a Quantum Pro Staff member to live chat with our fans. Here are re-caps of those live chats:

January: Shaw Grigsby | February: Greg Hackney | April: Gerald Swindle | June: Casey Ashley | August: Matt & Jordan

Live Chat with Shaw Grigsby

Q: What are your thoughts going into the Summit Cup?
SG: It is the most phenomenal fishing experience! I made it through the first round, now the sudden death round. I Love it!

Q: What's your favorite crank bait for smallmouth on Lake Erie?
SG: Strike King KVD 1.5 crawdad color.

Q: I saw a tournament where you were fishing beds and they were deep. How deep of a bed have you fished?
SG: The deepest is 12-15 feet in ultra clear water.

Q: What is the biggest bass you've caught to date? And do you remember where?
SG: My biggest was 13-6, I caught it on Toho on an Okechobee craw rodent.

Q: What are some unusual methods you use to catch fish when nothing else seems to work?
SG: I don't have anything really unusual, but I like drop shotting and dead sticking an ocho when things are tough.

Q: What temperature can I start throwing my frog?
SG: I generally use them starting about 60 degrees.

Q: On a pre-spawn pattern, early spring, would you start shallow or out a little deeper of the bank early in the morning before the sun warms things up?
SG: I would start off shore fishing the drops close to the spawning flats or leading into spawning areas.

Q: What is your favorite soft bait and color to use in early spring?
SG: I like the Strike King swimming shiner in the smaller size, shad colored.

Q: What are some of your favorite baits to throw besides top water in lakes with lots of vegetation and traffic?
SG: I Like the Cut-R worm and an Ocho. They work well in grass and in very tough conditions.

Q: What's your best tips for fishing tidal water?
SG: I try to find eddies where the fish can hold and ambush baits.

Q: How long of a leader do you use when fishing a C-rig?
SG: Generally about 3 feet.

Q: I've always used Quantum rods and freels, what would be a reasonably priced baitcaster?
SG: I feel all Quantum reels are reasonable priced when you consider the quality. The Energy and Accurist are excellent choices. I use EXO and TourMG reels.

Q: Being a sight fishing guru, do you keep multiple pairs of glasses in different colors?
SG: I keep 2 pairs of S11 One in DAB which is dark amber brown and one in the new Cloud lens which is yellow.

Q: What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to catch bass consistently in central Florida?
SG: Flipping is primary and a lot of soft plastics, because of the weeds.

Q: How did you reach the Elite series?
SG: I started with club tournaments, then local and state tournaments, then regionals, then to the pros.

Q: What would you recommend for winter baits when the bass are very lethargic?
SG: Football jigs.

Q: Can I get at least one pointer on fishing the Potomac River?
SG: You have to fish the tides. I love getting back inside the grass with a little Ocho or Cut-R worm.

Q: So, what is your absolute favorite lure?
SG: The one they're biting!

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Live Chat with Greg Hackney

Q: When flippin’ lilly pads, what size weight do you use?
GH: Typically you can get by with a 1/2-ounce, but it can vary a little either way. You generally don’t need a giant weight.

Q: What is your go-to lure for smallmouth?
GH: Strike King Sexy Dawg Sr.

Q: How do you know what size and style of jig to use?
GH: Cover always dictates that. In heavy cover I’ll use my Hack Attack, and the depth of the water will determine the weight to use.

Q: Do you have a go-to jig, spinnerbait and crank bait?
GH: My Hack Attack 1/2-ounce jig in sexy craw, the 1/2-ounce Hack Attack spinner in white-black-chartreuse, and a 2.5.

Q: If you’re fishing deep structure in the 15-20 ft. range, do you use a crank bait to get down to depth, or do you have a more efficient method for being successful?
GH: I’ll use a 3/4-ounce Strike King structure jig or a 6XD depending on what they’re feeding on.

Q: Which doe like more, soft baits or hard baits?
GH: Does 50/50 count as an answer?

Q: What is the best line to use for jigs?
GH: It really depends on the type of cover, but I use mostly braided lines but a case can be made for fluorocarbon in certain situations.

Q: In the Elite series this year, where are you looking forward to the most, and the least?
GH: I’m really looking forward to some big catches at the California Delta. I’m not too excited about the Sabine.

Q: What are you favorite colors for jigs?
GH: Alabama craw and sexy craw are my two favorite colors.

Q: What’s a good trailer color for a sexy shad jig?
GH: I’d probably put on a pearl white, but it depends on the water color. Blue gizzard and green gizzard are great too.

Q: Do you punch with or without a skirt?
GH: I prefer a jig over a punch rig, and I’ll put a skirt on the jig.

Q: I watched the FLW on Pickwick and noticed that you pulled most of your big fish from the same spot. Did you find that spot as you fished, with your electronics, or did you already know about the spot?
GH: I found it fishing! I had never cast that spot before.

Q: Where is a good source to learn how to tie different rigs?
GH: I’m a YouTube junkie, try there.

Q: Here is Florida, I’ve been having no luck catching bass, just can’t seem to get a bite. Any suggestions?
GH: Try small creature baits on big weights and punch through the cover.

Q: Do you use rattles on jigs?
GH: I’ll use them when fishing really heavy cover.

Q: If you had one piece of advice to give a jig fisherman, what would it be?
GH: Keep it wet!

Q: What rod do you use when drop-shorting?
GH: I use a Quantum 6’10” Shaw Grigsby rod from a few years back.

Q: Can you give me some advice fro fishing a high-pressured lake with lots of traffic?
GH: I’d look for fish that are extremely shallow, they usually get overlooked.

Q: When is your favorite time to fish Guntersville, and with what bait?
GH: February and March is a good time to use a Red-Eye Shad.

Q: What are your favorite springtime lures?
GH: A jig, a 1.5, and a Red-Eye Shad.

Q: What’s your go-to rod/reel setup?
GH: Quantum EXO on my 7’11” Hackney rod.

Q: What do you think about the high school bass teams gaining interest with kids?
GH: It’s awesome! That is were the growth for the sport will come from.

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Live Chat with Gerald Swindle

Q: What's your biggest tournament bass and what did you catch it on?
GS: My biggest tournament bass was caught on Clear Lake in California and it weighed almost 12 lbs. I caught it on a Basstrix Swimbait.

Q: If you could only use one rod one reel and three lures for an entire year of fishing the elites. What would they be and why?
GS: Quantum Smoke 6:1 Reel, 7.2 Exo Tour Rod and 18 lb Sunline Fluoro. 3/8 oz Brown War Eagle jig, 3/8 oz Black War Eagle jig, Zoom ZCrawl for a trailer and a 3/8 oz Strike king Pure Poison Bream color Chatterbait

Q: Whats a good smallmouth bait for river with heavy current?
GS: Dropshop rig using a Zoom Z Drop worm

Q: What size line do you recommend?
GS: For everyday fishing I recommend 16 lb Sunline Fluoro

Q: What's the best way to fish muddy water?
GS: Best bait for high muddy water is a black jig with a sapphire blue chunk - in my opinion

Q: Gman what's your favorite lake to fish for fun?
GS: Lake Guntersville

Q: How do you prepare for a lake that you've never fished on?
GS: Research on the internet, tournament standings, Google earth

Q: On a smaller lake with heavy fishing pressure that has big bass...what's your go to lure?
GS: Shakey head 1/8 oz - Zoom trickwarm - 6 lb fluoro

Q: What is your go to bait on a hot summer day?
GS: 10 inch Ol Monster Zoom worm in color plum

Q: When is you favorite time of year to fish guntersville for numbers of bass , and what bait do you use?
GS: June and I like to deep crank - schooling action in the morning

Q: Do you think if hell ever freezes over that you might have a second career in stand-up comedy? After all, you've got the best schtick in the business.
GS: If you promise me I don't have to get up early in the mornings.

Q: What is your favorite trophy bass lake of all-time G-man?
GS: Lake Fork in TX

Q: After the fish pull off the beds what is your two go two baits?
GS: Big topwater baits like gunfish or spook

Q: What's the best patterns at guntersville in July?
GS: River ledges and mouths of creek channels

Q: What's your Favorite go to Lure?
GS: 3/8 oz brown jig with a Zoom Bait green pumpkin trailer

Q: Which knot do you use to attach line to spool on a baitcaster?
GS: Just an overhand knot.

Q: When cranking offshore do you prefer the Quantum Fishing Tour KVD 7'10" Medium or 7'10" Medium/Heavy?
GS: Medium / Heavy

Q: Dealing with alot of weather here in North Texas, where would you look for post frontal post spawn bass?
GS: Secondary points and creeks - 4 - 8 foot - topwater

Q: GMan going to Pickwick may 2 for a tournanent what do you think i should have to throw for the small mouth?
GS: Honestly I wouldn't target Small mouth on Pickwick in May. Largemouth will be strong.

Q: What personal qualities or characteristics do you most value?
GS: My Christian Faith.

Q: G-man what is one of your biggest superstitions or rituals you do on tournament day?
GS: I don't like bananas in the boat and I don't want to catch one on the first cast

Q: I'm 19 fishing my second year of tournaments and blanked 3 out of 5 last year. How do I over come that and improve this year fishing that same lake?
GS: Stick with baits you have the most confidence in and generally slow down a little bit on the water

Q: Has anybody ever asked to bum a dude wipe?
GS: Everyday - the most asked for thing in my boat

Q: WWhat is most common mistake you see people make when prefishing for a big tournament?
GS: Not fishing enough water - staying in the same area too long

Q: Are suspending jerkbaits always best or is there a time where a slow floater works better?
GS: Slow floaters are great in shallow grass

Q: Do you think America would be a better place if more people took a maintenance wipe?
GS: Absolutely - it eliminates road rage

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Live Chat with Casey Ashley

Q: If you could use only 3 baits to fish an entire tournament, what would they be?
CA: A green pumpkin jig, a Zoom trick worm in green pumpkin, and a 1/2-ounce spinnerbait with 2 #4 willow blades in chartreuse and white.

Q: What is your go-to bait for night bass fishing?
CA: Zoom Ol' Monster in redbug, and a black/blue jig with a saphire chunk.

Q: We have a tournament on Lake Fork in October, should we fish deep or shallow, and what bait should we use?
CA: I'd probably fish shallow, with a buzzbait or other topwater. Should be a lot of schoolin' going on.

Q: I bank fish on Keystone Lake here in Oklahoma, do you have any tips?
CA: Go with top waters like a Pop R or buzzbait this time of year.

Q: Do you have a favorite destination to go fishing outside the USA?
CA: Well, I had a blast fishing for peacock bass in Brazil!

Q: What are some tips for fishing Lake of the Ozarks in the fall?
CA: Fall is the time to move a lot of water, I'd start with a buzzbait.

Q: What do you do to dissect new water for targeting fish for a new tourney?
CA: I actually use Google Earth a lot!

Q: What's the best bait for Alabama right now?
CA: On the Tennessee River, it's certainly a crankbait. Anywhere else and I'd be throwing my jig.

Q: What do you use to fish thick structure?
CA: In heavy cover I've usually got a Texas-rigged worm tied to 50-pound braid.

Q: What is the most effective way to catch suspended bass when bait fish are everywhere, particularly in the fall?
CA: Be patient, look for the schools to break the surface, and use lures that move a lot of water.

Q: I have trouble walking a frog, got any suggestions?
CA: Slow down. You gotta walk a frog slow, they just don't act like most topwater baits.

Q: In a stained water pond, what color soft plastic gets your vote?
CA: I like Redbug, Junebug, and a plain-old black color for most stained water.

Q: What's the first thing you try to analyze to determine a pattern on an unfamiliar lake?
CA: The time of year and water temperature are the most important factors. Then I just rely on my gut to find the spots that look promising.

Q: A lot of anglers also do hunting shows. Do you feel that this hinders them in any way during the season, as though those extra efforts might "burn them out"?
CA: I don't think it's possible to do too much of either!

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Live Chat with the Jordan & Matt Lee

Q: Which of you has caught the bigger bass?
JL: Matt has! Over 11 pounds in a tournament.
ML: I'll take credit for that one, caught an 11 pound 5 ounce brute in the snow on Guntersville.

Q: What's your favorite Quantum setup, and what is it used for the most?
ML: When I throw a virating jig, I use a Tour KVD 6.6:1 reel on a 7'0" medium-heavy EXO Tour rod.

Q: What's a good bait to use on lake Chickamauga in September?
JL: Frog, but also flip a Strike King rodent.
ML: What he said.

Q: Has life on the road proven to be any more challenging than you had expected?
ML: Sometimes it's challenging, but we knew it would be that way and we love it. There's nothing else I'd rather be doing.
JL: I've gotten pretty good at being able to zone out everything else once I'm on the water, you have to to stay focused with all the traveling.

Q: What's the chance of someone like me getting to fish with y'all?
JL: I guide on Lake Guntersville, visit my website for more information jordanleefishing.com

Q: So how has you first year on the Elite Series been?
ML: It's been awesome! And busy! It helps to always have a travel partner and practice partner you can count on.
JL: On and off the water, we're both starting to get a feel for it. It's fun to learn how things are run, and the speed of tournaments. It's also great that me and Matt can talk about practice, but we're brothers, so it's difficult to tell a successful fish tale!

Q: How do I get a live feed on this chat?
JL: Hey Mom, it's a live "chat"...not video.

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