Greg Hackney finished 3rd the last time the Bassmaster Elites were at Lake Dardanelle in May of 2014, and Swindle finished 2nd – losing by four heartbreaking ounces to winner Jason Christie.

 Together, Swindle and Hackney hauled home $45,000 from that event three years ago, and both of the Quantum pros seemed optimistically focused at Thursday afternoon’s angler registration meeting where they were gracious enough to share their thoughts on what will take place this week at the muddier-than-normal Arkansas River fishery.

 Q: With so much of the main river ‘blown out’ with high and muddy water, can this event be won on the main river, or do you think fishing the backwaters for the coveted blue Elite Series trophy is a must.

Hackney: I’d say it’s 50/50 to be honest with you.

Swindle: Backwater. No question.

  Q: How much weight per day will you have to average in order to qualify for the Top 12 cut on Monday?

Hackney: 14 pounds per day

Swindle: 13 ½ pounds per day

 Q: It’s a bit of a strange Elite Series schedule this week, because appropriately, we took time-out to honor Memorial Day on Monday. What was your best memory from the recent Memorial Day weekend?

Hackney: Family time! My wife and kids and I spent the weekend with my parents in Star City, Arkansas about two hours southeast of here.

Swindle: Just grillin and chillin with Lulu here at the campground.

 Q: Name four lures you think we’ll see the Elite Series field use the most here this week.

Hackney: Square bill crankbait, a frog, a Texas-rigged plastic to pitch with, and a spinnerbait.

Swindle: A black and blue jig, a shallow 1.5 crankbait, a double Colorado bladed spinnerbait, and a Texas-rigged craw or beaver style bait to pitch with.

 Q: You’ve been here several times. What do you like best about Lake Dardanelle and city of Russellville, Arkansas?

Hackney: It’s just laid back, and it’s a fishin’ town.

Swindle: Lake Dardanelle State Park here where we have the weigh-in is pretty awesome. It’s got great camping, good boat ramps, it’s peaceful, and it’s just really laid out well. 


  Alan McGuckin