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Cabo® PT

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Cabo® PT
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PT Technology

In the wild, strong is what thrives.That’s why every Quantum rod and reel has been tested to exceed the wear and tear you can expect from years of real-world use. And to back it up, we’re proud to offer the industry’s longest reel warranty, with a 5-year limited warranty on all of our reels, rods and combos Read more

Our patented multi drag disk design combines carbon and ceramic washers to perfectly balance smoothness with power.  The carbon washers have the job of providing stopping power and good drag lockdown while the ceramic washers provide drag consistency and smoothness.

A precision stainless steel clutch bearing is designed to withstand bone jarring hooksets without any backward handle movement.

Every PT reel comes from the factory with our proprietary PT Hot Sauce lubricants. Its formulated specifically for fishing reel applications to lower friction and increase the longevity of each reel.

PT Bearings are built to our exact design standards of performance specifications. We’ve tested hundreds of bearings in our Q Lab  to determine the exact bearing specifications that can stand up to the abuse and stress from the most demanding anglers.

PT Gears are designed by our proprietary CAD program and manufactured to precise tolerances to yield world class smoothness. Durable high strength materials are used so your reel will handle heavy use for years to come without compromise.

Multiple anodize, primer, and finish coatings create a sealed barrier of saltwater protection to ward off the effects of Mother Ocean.

The foot on every PT spinning reel is offset in relation to the stem. Why you ask? That slight offset shifts the weight of the reel rearward on the rod helping to balance today’s longer rod lengths adding that extra edge in sensitivity.

Our proprietary spool lip design maximizes casting distance because of its unique geometry. The line comes off the lip with very little friction and is in tight coils which aids in reducing friction from the rod guides, thus longer, more effortless casts. A braid band also means you can tie braid directly to the spool without slippage.

Most standard aluminum alloys contain impurities that create microscopic sites in the material for corrosion to occur. Our SCR alloy eliminates certain impurities from the alloy that prohibits the formation of corrosion.

A bent bail can cause the trip system to malfunction and ruin your day on the water.  Our patented nickel-titanium “memory metal” will return to its original shape even after the bail is bent or dropped to keep it functioning properly. The bail is also thinner than standard bails to reduce weight and produce a more balanced feel when cranking.