Matching much the same cool cosmetics as the affordable Vapor reels that pros Gerald Swindle, Jordan Lee, and Shaw Grigsby are using on the Elite Series tour, Quantum has built a brand new series of $129 Vapor rods made of HSX60 top-of-the-line Toray™ graphite, backed by an impressive 5-year warranty.

 There are 9 casting rods and 6 spinning rods in this affordable collection, constituting a series of high-end sticks for bass anglers, and walleye anglers too.

 Each Vapor rod is built with a spilt grip handle composed of both cork and EVA foam, and the durable guides are aluminum oxide from highly respected manufacturer Kigan®.

 Casting rods range in length from 6’ 10” to a heavy action 7’ 10” – and Vapor spinning offers something for everybody too in lengths of 6’ 3” to 7’ 4”.     SEE SERIES >