We’ve been getting lots of questions lately on social media that go something like this.  “Hey, what is that rod I keep seeing the Quantum Elite Series pros using and where do I get them?” Well, the answer is, they’re called Tour Special Issue and we build these special prototypes just for our pros…..but you might be able to lay your hands on one too. 

We say “might” because these are highly customized rods that we build in very small batches often tweaking them from build to build based on feedback from our pros.  We really want our loyal Quantum fans to experience what our pros have created so we will make some of these special prototype rods available on line when we have a few extra.  You’ll just have to check our website periodically for availability because there will be very limited supply.

 Special Issue rods are truly built to specific input from the Quantum pro team.  You will find very lightweight, fast blanks, premium components, and actions designed specifically for every technique needed to contend for an Angler of the Year title.  Each prototype build is a refinement over the last based on continual input from the world’s best anglers….and trust me, when you’re dealing with the likes of Van Dam, Hackney, Swindle, Ashley, and the rest, you get lots of unfiltered input.  So, if you get the chance, order a Tour Special Issue rod before our pros lay claim to all of them.

 Here’s some insight into techniques recommended for each model. 

SIC6106XF – One of the most versatile ‘crescent wrenches’ of all the tools in this lineup. Ideal for accurately pitching lighter finesse jigs, or perhaps a wacky-rigged Senko to heavy cover or between boat slips.  The shorter length makes it very accurate and lightweight but it’s got plenty of backbone for soft plastic techniques.

 SIC704F – A fantastic finesse bait rod for those that don’t like spinning tackle. Seven feet long, but purposely limber for those that want to drop shot with a casting rod using really light line. Or, it’s ideal for reaction baits like squarebills, spinnerbaits, and jerkbaits.  Flukes and popper style topwaters are also in this action’s wheelhouse.

 SIC705F – Another very versatile rod that will work well with everything from lightweight Texas-rigged soft plastics to small shallow-diving crankbaits. Spinnerbaits and smaller chatterbaits fit this rod as well.  2016 AOY Gerald Swindle will reach for this one a ton.

 SIC706F – 2015 Classic Champ Casey Ashley employs this straight-up finesse pitchin artist featuring a stout blank, with the prefect amount of flex near the tip. Plenty of power for pitchin in tight places like boat docks where you need power to get ‘em out, but not so long it that becomes cumbersome.  It’s also a great all around choice for casting soft plastics.

 SIC707XF – A very stout pitchin stick for those who don’t want a long rod, but want the beasty power to throw full sized jigs and heavier Texas rigs.   It’s got that super fast action that’s been a Biffle go-to for years.

 SIC726XF – We haven’t put Swindle’s name on this one yet – but we might as well. He’ll skip truckloads of jigs around docks with this one. Plenty of action and sensitivity in the tip, with plenty of backbone in the blank for getting them out once they bite.  And don’t overlook any other power fishing techniques or frogs in open water.  This just might become one of your favorite rods on the deck of your boat.

 SIC747XF – Powroznik thinks this may become our best rod for froggin’. And for those of you that still know the goodness of a Carolina Rig – try this one.

 SIC767XF – Powroznik calls this our ‘day in and day out’ pitchin stik. Perfect for medium to heavy Texas rigged plastics and jigs into flooded brush, laydowns, and anything else the former concrete man from Virginia comes across in shallow water. If you are a heavy cover pitching and flipping dude, this is the rod for you.

 SIC7107XF – The longest, strongest, “Hey bucketmouth, get in my boat” rod in the lineup. Don’t take a pocketknife to a gunfight. And Hackney says don’t flip heavy matted vegetation with anything else.  Or if A-rigs and big swimbaits are your game, you’ll need this rod.

 SIS684XF – This is the ultra ‘soft’ finesse rod for super light line spinning rod techniques.  Most of our pros won’t admit it, but when things get really tough they might pull this one out of the rod locker.

 SIS6105XF – VanDam says this one is perfect for people that love to use spinning tackle to cast jerkbaits for smallmouth or cold water largemouths.  It’s probably the most versatile spinning rod in the line-up for flukes, tubes, shaky heads and the like.

 SIS725XF – VanDam says this is his ‘beefy finesse’ rod for sight fishing around bushes, gnarly docks, or for big bass in places like Florida or Texas that are on spawning beds. Great for handling 20-pound braid knotted to a 10-pound fluorocarbon leader.

 SIS744XF –  This is a great spinning rod anytime you need to make long casts in clear water. The perfect rod for shaky heads, drop shotting, or dragging tubes on the bottom for Smallmouth in the Great Lakes region.   Casting lighter jerkbaits or topwaters is made easy with this spinning rocket launcher.



Alan McGuckin