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KVD gets AOY #5 in Predictably Amazing Fashion

Kevin VanDam

After a less-than-KVD kind of start to Toyota Trucks Championship Week, most people didn't think Kevin VanDam could haul home another Angler of the Year title. VanDam obviously thought differently. He normally does. Fact is, he not only rallied, he dominated.

The man we used to call 'The Kalamazoo Kid' trucked home to Michigan from Montgomery, Alabama with B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year title #5 – and he did so in a manner that seems routine but never ceases to amaze everyone.

You know how it goes. He spools a Quantum Tour KVD 5.4:1 casting reel with 12-pound fluorocarbon line, attaches the reel to a TKVD7106M Quantum rod, ties on Sexy Shad colored Strike King crankbait, casts with unparalleled energy, catches more and bigger than anybody else, dominates, loads trophy into Toyota Tundra, and leaves us wandering “how did he just do that?” – when in fact we already know the script.

That’s how it worked in Montgomery, Alabama – just like it’s worked so many other times before.

In a sport centered on changing variables, Kevin Van Dam’s recipe for success is strangely predictable. However, the fact that he makes it seem routine doesn’t make it any less amazing.