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Quantum Offers Quality Selection for any Preference

Anglers can catch fish with any Quantum rod and reel combination, but some anglers may prefer either a spinning rod or a baitcasting rod for tempting lunkers. The smartest anglers keep a selection of both Quantum spinning and baitcasting outfits handy to capitalize on any specific situations that arise.

“I like to use a spinning rod when I’m fishing light lures or fishing in windy conditions,” said Capt. Anthony Randazzo, a five-time redfish tournament champion with Paradise Plus Guide Service in Buras, La. “A 7-foot medium-light action Quantum spinning rod is a very good rod for throwing 1/8- to 1/4-ounce jigs for finesse fishing with soft plastics to catch redfish and speckled trout. I also use a spinning rod when I’m throwing ‘clumsy-type’ lures such as a weighed cork with a 3-foot leader under it because I can throw it in any direction, even against the wind, and place it exactly where I want it. I can’t just whip that rig with a baitcasting rod as far or as accurately as I would like.”

Typically easier for novice anglers to master, Quantum spinning outfits make good all-around inshore rods. Some top inshore Quantum spinning choices include the STRS701ML, STRS701TW and the STRS761M in the Specks and Reds Series of rods. In the Cabo PT Inshore series, anglers might choose the CBIS701MLA or the CBIS703MA coupled with one of the Catalyst PT or Energy PT spinning inshore reels.

Baitcasting reels typically require more skill and experience, but they offer excellent advantages. Anglers can usually cast them farther. When not fighting the wind, a skilled angler can usually place lures with incredible accuracy with a baitcasting outfit. In addition, the drag system on a baitcasting reel usually helps anglers land bigger fish, although Quantum inshore spinning rods can also handle very large fish.

“We typically throw spoons, spinners and plugs on baitcasting equipment,” the guide said. “If the customer prefers to throw a spinning rod, we’ll switch those lures over to spinning equipment. The Catalyst PT baitcasting reel has an excellent drag system that holds any amount of pressure. It stays smooth and steady, fish after fish.”

Anglers might also choose any of the Quantum Energy PT or Cabo PT baitcasting reels with one of the Specks and Reds Series or Cabo PT Series rods. Many anglers carry several different sizes in both baitcasting and spinning outfits so they can master any conditions. No matter which Quantum combination they select, anglers can always depend upon Quantum quality.

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