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Quantum: The Choice of Champions

Capt. Anthony Randazzo of Paradise Plus Guide Service in Buras, La., won more than $300,000 in professional redfish tournaments and guides almost every day when not competing in or practicing for a tournament. For battling delta bruisers, the pro demands the highest quality rods and reels he can find – Quantum.

“I did my research and wanted the best equipment I could find,” the five-time tournament champion explained. “That’s why I picked Quantum. Brackish or salty water can be very corrosive on equipment, especially reel components. Quantum does a great job building reels to withstand the elements. Salt water destroys some reels, but Quantum tackle hold up to the abuse. They have an excellent corrosion protection system, both inside and out.”

Randazzo won the majority of his tournament earnings throwing jighead spinners around thick cover such as roseau canes, oyster reefs or rusty steel oilfield structures. For accurately placing spinners in the lair of fat spot-tails, Randazzo prefers a Quantum PT Tour Edition Randy Howell Signature Edition rod with a Catalyst PT inshore baitcasting reel loaded with 30-pound-test braided line.

“It’s a very light, versatile rod with a good deal of backbone for powering redfish out of structure, despite the size and strength of these fish,” Randazzo emphasized. “I’ve caught redfish up to 40 pounds on it with no trouble. The medium-light action rod with the very soft tip gives pinpoint accuracy for lure placement. It’s also very sensitive. I can feel every little bump of the bait with it. The combination can handle all the different types of conditions I put it through very well. Catching big fish can tear up a reel, but the Quantum Catalyst PT inshore baitcasting reel is built rock solid. I don’t worry about the fatigue of catching big fish after big fish on it.”

For booking trips with Captain Randazzo, call 504-656-9940 or 504-628-4526. Online, see