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Custom Shop - Individually Performance Tuned

Quantum ACS3When developing our new 150-Size PT baitcast reels, Quantum engineers took our legendary ACS externally-adjustable centrifugal cast control system and not only refined the components to work better than ever, they also decided to create an amazing self-adjusting mechanism that extends the range of control to let you launch just about any lure as far as you need to.

Our patented ACS3 cast control lets you unleash the longest casts, in the worst wind, and with the lightest baits, without regard to backlash. The patented, mechanical system was designed to be compact and lightweight, yet durable enough to stand the rigors of all-day tournament fishing. And there are no delicate electronics to worry about with Quantum's ACS3 technology.

Quantum ACS3
9 small braking pins are pushed into the side cover brake disk by the pressure of the 2 brake shoes deployed inside the spool at maximum RPMs.

How It Works
You set the amount of control just as you would before with an external dial which applies up to 9 braking pins (or none at all) to match your style of casting as well as the fishing conditions. Our ACS3 technology is designed to provide absolute free-spooling when you need it for close-in flippin' and pitchin', or precise shorter casts when the spool's speed is best controlled by the angler. However, when you need distance and accuracy, particularly with lighter baits on smaller line, ACS3 technology takes over to provide you with ultimate control. It's like the anti-lock braking system on your vehicle, you may not always need to use it, but when you have to, it's there to save you.

At maximum spool RPMs, ACS3 deploys twin braking "shoes" that apply just the right amount of pressure to the inside of the spool. This pressure pushes the ACS3 mechanism into the braking disc inside the bayonet-mounted side cover where the 9 brake pins assist to keep the spool from over-spinning, causing backlash.

No other system gives you the range of control you can now get with Quantum's ACS3 patented technology. Plus you won't ever worry about delicate electronics failing when the money's on the line.