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What is the electronic Bite Alert™ feature and how is it used?

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The electronic Bite Alert feature allows you to see and hear the fish bite through a series of flashing lights and beeping sounds when the fish tugs on the line.

Using Bite Alert:

  1. Remove the protective “try me” green button from the on/off switch.
  2. Turn the power switch to the ON position. The reel should make a series of beeping sounds and flashing lights to insure it is ready for action. If there are no lights and sounds please check your batteries.
  3. Cast your bait into the water, set your rod down or place in a rod holder and wait for the fish to “take the bait”. For best results, point your rod tip horizontally at the bait if possible.
  4. When you hear the beeping sound and see the reel lights flashing, set your hook! Reel that HAWG in and start all over again!
  5. Turn off the power switch when not in use or in storage to maximize your battery life.

Setting the sensitivity on Bite Alert:

Each Bite Alert reel has a built-in sensitivity switch to allow you to set it properly for your fishing conditions.

  1. Turn the switch to MORE and the reel will be at its most sensitive setting – the smallest “tug” on the line will activate the alarms.
  2. Turn the switch to LESS and the reel will be at its least sensitive setting – it will take a harder “tug” on the line to activate the alarms. This is the best setting when fishing heavy rigs in quick flowing currents as it will reduce the amount of false alarms from your bait moving in the water.