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How do I set the cast control to prevent backlash?

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Backlash is caused when the spool spins faster than the line coming off of the reel. Quantum baitcast reels are built with technologies that help reduce backlash, including our exclusive ACS™ externally adjustable centrifugal control, and our DynaMag™ magnetic cast control. Both controls are easily accessed with an external dial on the palm-side of the reel, and can be adjusted to provide a wide range of braking. Another way to adjust the spool's spin speed is with the spool tension knob located near the handle.

The suggested setting for the spool tension knob (with respect to the weight of the selected lure) is achieved by holding the rod at a 45° angle, and with the tension knob tightened, slowly back off the tension until your lure starts to drop. You want the spool to stop spinning as soon as the lure hits the ground.

To determine how much cast braking is best, begin with the maximum amount of braking dialed up, then reduce from there until you are able to reach the distances you need without backlash.

Always remember, casting with a baitcasting reel takes practice to make perfect.