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Automatic ACS3 – The Next Generation Of Cast Control
August 26, 2009

acs_inset.jpgWhen developing our new Kevin VanDam Signature PT baitcast reels, Quantum engineers took our legendary ACS externally-adjustable centrifugal cast control system and not only refined the components to work better than ever, they also decided to create an amazing self-adjusting mechanism that extends the range of control to compensate for KVD's power-fishing style.

Our patented Automatic ACS3 cast control lets you unleash the longest casts, in the worst wind, and with the lightest baits, without regard to backlash. This patented, mechanical system was designed to be compact yet durable enough to stand the rigors of all-day tournament fishing. . .no delicate electronics to worry about here.

So how does it work? At, maximum spool RPM's during the cast, the Automatic ACS3 deploys twin braking "shoes" that apply just the right amount of pressure to the inside of the spool. This pressure pushes the ACS3 mechanism into the braking disc inside the bayonet-mounted side cover where up to 9 brake pins assist to keep the spool from over-spinning and causing backlash

You set the amount of control just as you would before with an external dial to match your style of fishing but now, with Automatic ACS3 technology, you can open up your arsenal with lighter baits on lighter line, and still get incredible cast control. It's like the anti-lock braking system on your vehicle, you may not always need to use it, but when you have to, it's there to save you.

Automatic ACS3 technology can be found on all Tour KVD, Energy PT SS and Reax PT baitcast reels. Learn more about this exclusive, patented technology here >>.


KVD-Designed, Quantum PT Engineering
August 26, 2009
Tour KVDKevin VanDam has won more money as a professional bass fisherman than anyone, ever. He has raised the bar in the sport to levels that few others will ever even hope to see, and they're going higher.

Tour KVD series baitcast reels were designed by Kevin, and engineered with the latest Quantum PT technologies, because he knows exactly what he wants when it's all on the line.

Built with 11 silky-smooth polymer-stainless PT hybrid bearings, the lightweight, low-profile one-piece aluminum frame design makes use of a wider spool for handling greater line capacities, and our new Automatic ACS3 technology allows for monster casts, even in harsh conditions, without worrying about backlash. To further reduce weight, KVD designed in a carbon-fiber crank handle and a strong aluminum main gear, and for controlling the battle there's a layered PT carbon/ceramic drag system.

There are four Tour KVD models to choose from, including a new left-hand-retrieve model, with varying retrieve rates: 7.3:1 "Burner", 6.6:1 "Speed, and 5.4:1 Power.
See them HERE >>