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Reel will not cast with ease or for a reasonable distance.

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Possible Cause: Spool tension washers worn.
Solution: Replace or reverse spool tension washers (see reel squeaks solution).

Possible Cause: Spool tension adjusted too tight.
Solution: Hold rod at 45° angle and depress spool release button/bar. Adjust spool tension knob to the point where the lure is descending very slowly (almost to the point of stopping). This adjustment should be performed every time a lure is changed.

Possible Cause: Spool shaft needs lubrication.
Solution: Lubricate spool shaft and spool shaft ends with light oil.

Possible Cause: Old grease on spool shaft.
Solution: Clean and relubricate spool shaft with light oil.

Possible Cause: Spool shaft bent.
Solution: Replace spool assembly. Visit the Parts section to order a replacement.