Drag will not hold, slips, or is not smooth.

Possible Cause: Star drag knob has been left tightened down after use.
Solution: Add lubrication (light oil) to spool shaft and spool shaft ends.

Possible Cause: Oil or grease on drag washers.
Solution: Remove the handle, drag star, and gear side cover. Clean or dry the drag washers, removing the oil or grease. Reassemble the washers and reattach the side cover. Reattach handle and drag star.

Possible Cause: Braided line slipping on spool.
Solution: To check for this condition, hold thumb on spool rim (securing spool) and see if line can be pulled from spool.

If you prefer using one of the new “super lines” (braided or fusion) on your reel, it’s best to pre-spool with 15-20 yards of monofilament line to prevent further drag problems and to prevent the super line from slipping around the spool arbor. Place a single layer of electrical tape on the monofilament line just before the knot on the braided line. The tape keeps the braided line from “sinking” into the monofilament line.

TIP: You may also fill half of your spool with monofilament to reduce the amount of expensive super line you actually need.