Which action is best for me?

The action of a rod, sometimes referred to as “power”, determines how much effort it takes to get the rod to flex. Actions are precisely engineered to perform within a certain range of line and lure weights; for example, 8 to 17 pound line or 3/8 to 2 ounce lures.

Experienced anglers are able to make this judgment based upon past performance. The chart below will help you to make a more informed decision when choosing the best rod for your particular fishing situation.


Ultralight Action

Designed specifically for light lines up to 4 pounds. Ideal for trout and panfish, or when extreme sensitivity is most needed.


Light Action

Designed specifically for light lines 2 to 8 pounds. Light action rods can also give an angler a more sporting experience due to their flexibility.


Medium-Light Action

Designed specifically for 6 to 12 pound test line when the ability to throw light baits with accuracy is important.


Medium Action

Designed specifically for 8 to 20 pound test line. An all-around action designed for a wide variety of lure sizes and types, as well as many different types of gamefish.


Medium-Heavy Action

Designed specifically for 12 to 25 pound test line. A stronger backbone makes it easier to pull fish from cover.


Heavy Action

Designed specifically for line tests of 14 and up. Great for heavy lines, big lures and big fish.